Weasel Coffee – Now You Can See How It’s Made.
Probably A Little Like Seeing Sausage Made.

You’ve probably heard about Kopi Luwak coffee, the coffee that is made by picking the coffee beans from the dung of a certain civet cat species in Indonesia. The Vietnamese version of this coffee is called Weasel Coffee and one of the main farms in Da Lat City, Vietnam has opened their gates so that you can see the whole process working. The farm boasts a stock about 120 domesticated animals and is able to produce 500 kg of beans every year.

There is one quote from the story that stuck with me “enzymes inside weasels’ stomach give the undigested coffee beans a delightful taste and distinctive aroma.” My only comment to that is delightful, maybe and distinctive, definitely. They claim that the opening of the farm to visitors is boosting the tourist trade. Really?